One of “my” books gets props in PsyCRITIQUES!

I get alerts from PsyCRITIQUES, an online book review database, when each week’s book reviews come out. The database is a product of APA Books but it covers a wide selection of titles in social science, including mental health and education.

This week a book that I very much enjoyed editing, Elizabeth Morgan and Eric Landrum’s You’ve Earned Your Doctorate in Psychology . . . Now What? Securing a Job as an Academic Or Professional Psychologist, appeared there. Below is a snapshot from the review by Larissa Barber and Lily Patel . To access the entire article you can buy a day pass for $11.95 or check if your local community or academic library subscribes.

Morgan and Landrum’s book provides critical information for doctoral students in psychology for not only preparing a successful job search but also planning a rewarding career in multiple areas of psychology. Excellently balancing informative detail and an easy-to-read structure, this book should be required introductory reading for all new graduate students in psychology, as well as an invaluable job search resource for those close to completing their degree. It is also a must read for faculty mentors wishing to fine-tune their advice and feedback to students preparing for the job market in both academic and applied positions. There are many exciting places psychology doctorates can go, and You’ve Earned Your Doctorate in Psychology … Now What? is the perfect tool to help students get there.