San Francisco Writers Conference

It’s my first time at the San Francisco Writers Conference so I thought I’d do it on the cheap: stay with a friend and volunteer so I can get a taste and decide under what circumstances I’d return for full fare.

I volunteered at the Editorial Freelancers Association booth in the exhibit hall on Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning until take-down. Christie Jordan was my kind hostess and enthusiastic partner at the booth; Heather Turbeville and Ian Griffin joined in the fun as well.

At the EFA table in the exhibit hall

At the EFA table in the exhibit hall

With our exhibitor badges we were able to go to sessions with the writers and other volunteers. I chose a few that I thought would directly help me hone my nonfiction editing niche and others to feed my creative desires. I also handed out business cards liberally, so am hoping I’ll find a few new clients. I’ve shared some tidbits from the sessions on Twitter and if possible over the next few weeks I’ll expand on those. Check out hashtags #sfwc and #sfwc13 to browse the tweets and get links to presenters’ websites and info.

Saturday morning I met Janet, a friend and former co-worker from my Washington, DC days at the American Psychological Association. We had a jolly long brunch at the Fairmont Hotel, just across the street from SFWC on Nob Hill. I don’t get a lot of child-free time when I feel off the clock so this was just the thing. Janet has a publishing company too.


It’s been great chatting up writers at the conference. I’m a natural introvert but I find that conversation flows very easily here. I say, “What are you writing about?” and then just sit back and listen.