Client News: A Finanancial Autobiography

I am building a client base of individual authors, and I’m excited to introduce Placerville, CA-based Kimberly Foss, and her book Wealthy By Design: A Five-Step Plan for Financial Security.

Wealthy By Design_book cover

Ben Stein (yes, that Ben Stein) blurbed the book: “Solid investment advice. Kimberly Foss puts the hay down on the ground where the goats can get it; this is wisdom anyone can follow, learn from, and from it, draw financial freedom.”

Last December Foss contacted me and said she wanted a fresh pair of eyes on the book. Someone who hadn’t read any previous drafts. Someone who could tell her whether the whole thing was hanging together or not. Could I please smooth out the seams? And I did, with pleasure.

At first glance I thought, well, I’m not part of the target audience but it will be fun to pretend I’m in the market for top-notch wealth management services. My most recent investment was a home purchase at the height of the housing market bubble in 2006. We sold post-bubble, in July 2009. But there is light at the end of the tunnel: in a few years our son will start public school and we will be able to invest actual chunks of money toward our retirement, our children’s college education, possibly even orthodontia.

But in the manuscript I found, and helped the author beef up, plenty of material that fit her goal of being aspirational; that is, addressing the Talk to Chuck crowd and beginning investors who are still learning the fundamentals. All readers, no matter their ability to pay for orthodontia, will appreciate Kimberly Foss’s personal story, which she calls her financial autobiography. It threads through the book, illustrating each of the five steps in surprising ways.

She published with Greenleaf Book Group in Austin, TX.