Tell a True Story

This week has been a feast and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. There’s not even any Halloween candy that I can get into…yet.

Still, I feel full and satisfied, and YET I am ready for more. Words, that is. Stories to mull over, to talk over, to connect with.

Yesterday I reported on The Slender Poe book chat at New Helvetia Brewery, and today I have the pleasure to report that the spoken word, that old tradition, is still kicking and what a welcome respite it is from the glowing computer screen. Last night was the fourth in a series of quarterly True Stories, held at Bows & Arrows in midtown Sacramento.

True Story 2

For a mere $5 cover and the cost of a beverage I entered a wild variety of very real spaces, most of them unknown to me before:

  • a hospital room to adopt a teenager’s newborn
  • an apartment floor rug with a “40” duct-taped to my wrist
  • a 1950s newspaper office headed by–gasp!–a woman
  • a dance floor with gyrating Mardi Gras dancers

And these were the worlds spun by the four featured readers alone. There was much more ground to cover.

The open mic readers (you can sign up at the door for a few minutes’ time during the open mic interlude) took us to the volcanoes and, er, curves of Colombia; a department store to purchase a green bikini; an unfortunately spurned lesson in stick-shift driving; a peace ceremony in Afghanistan; two prayerful and painful miscarriages (and one wondrous birth); and a hilarious argument over a Malibu Barbie that may or may not have been purchased in 1974 for a 5-year-old.

The Malibu Barbie story was my favorite. Guess you had to be there.

And you should. Go there.