Summer 2015 Plans: Vacation, and a DIY book about DIY

What do you have lined up for your summer? Will it be same ol’-same ol’ but with the AC blasting? (That is my plan for most of July!) Will you travel, or start a special project?

Tomorrow I’m leaving with my family for a week and a half in the Pacific Northwest. We moved to Sacramento, CA from Tennessee in 2009 and have explored many wonders of our adopted state, and neighboring states, in the past six years. The agenda for this upcoming trip includes three national parks that will be new for our family: Crater Lake in Oregon, and Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainier in Washington. Luckily there is plenty of space in our National Parks passport to accommodate the new stamps we’ll collect.

National Parks passport showing a visit to Joshua Tree NP

From Joshua Tree and Death Valley to Redwoods NP and Point Reyes, we’ve seen a lot of California in the past few years.

When I return I will be diving into a very special editing project: my friend Melissa’s DIY book. The book itself is a do-it-yourself project, in that Melissa and her co-author Kristin are publishing it on Amazon CreateSpace. The book is also about do-it-yourself projects—namely, sewing/crafting projects you can make for children who have sensory processing issues.

If you’ve thought about publishing a book independently but can’t imagine how you might come up with the funds to do it, consider a crowdsourcing campaign such as Kickstarter. That’s how Melissa and Kristin raised the money to cover all the fabric and other materials they used to create the patterns and prototypes for their book. They are also paying for my editing services out of their Kickstarter funds.

They’ve met their Kickstarter goal, but if you want to understand more about the project, here is the launch video they created:

Here’s the link to their book blog: Super Toys! DIY Projects to Support Sensory Processing

The book is due out in November 2015!