Race (2 of 2)

Today’s micro-conversation comes from a fitness app. Well, it’s really more of a story app that also uses GPS to collect data about your walk or run.

Because who doesn’t like to listen to a zombie-themed serial while they work out?

Did I say zombies? Oh, yes, the zombies. The app is called Zombies, Run!

Each story episode unfolds over multiple segments of conversation, usually between mission controllers and one or more runners who is out on a mission to serve the township. Post-zombie-apocalypse missions include gathering food or other supplies, spying, and such. Periodically during a break between story segments, a voice that sounds a little like Siri will announce that zombies are chasing you. Then you have to speed up and keep going fast for one minute or else they will close in…their rattling voices getting louder…and then you either shake them off by outrunning them, or you “drop” one of the supplies you’ve collected to distract them.

zombies run appThe game has many features literary types like me enjoy, such as puns. Someone’s got to keep it light during the zombie apocalypse, right? One episode even features a cameo by Margaret Atwood where no one is exactly sure whether she’s gone grey or whether, you know, she’s just talking like Margaret Atwood talks.

Read a more detailed review of the app here, if you’re interested.

So anyway, I’m deep into Season 2. Jamie and I (Runner 5) are on a mission to save Jamie’s girlfriend, Archie, from a mad scientist who’s developing all sorts of ways to control zombies and make them even more dangerous than they already are.

Dr. Van Ark, the mad scientist, has Archie in his clutches. Over the radio the mission-control folks are arguing among themselves over what course of action Jamie and Runner 5 should take, and one of them says something like:

Dr. Van Ark could wipe out the whole human race. Our mission means nothing less than saving the human race!

to which Jamie, miffed at all the arguing and desperate to get to his girl, responds (in his East Enders accent):

There’s no such fing as the human race. There’s only people.

There’s no such thing as the human race. There’s only people.

I listened to the rest of the story with one ear…outran a zombie horde…and kept thinking about the idea of human race vs. people the rest of the day.

What does Jamie’s comment mean to you? What’s the difference between “the human race” and “people”?

Image generated by Zombies Run app by Six to Start

Image generated by Zombies Run app by Six to Start