‘Tis the season for winter squash! So I made pumpkin soup for my family a few nights ago.

Once everything was cooked through and soft, I whirled the soup with a stick blender. I didn’t serve it inside the pumpkin shell as shown in the photo below, but let’s pretend I did.

pumpkin soup served in pumpkin shell

Photo by János Csongor Kerekes on Flikr

Then I asked my son (now age 6), what’s the secret ingredient in this soup?

Well, it’s got pumpkin.

That’s not a secret.

Salt and spicy things.

I’m not making a secret of those either. The spices are garlic, ginger, and cayenne, plus a curry mix.

Fish? Salmon?

There’s no meat. But the secret flavor is a protein.

Milk? Cheese?

I’m impressed you know those are proteins. Here’s a hint: there are no animal products in this soup. I could have used chicken broth but we didn’t have any.

Is a tree an animal?


So it MUST be kiwi!

kiwi growing on a tree

Photo by Kristi Harding on Flikr

(It was peanuts.)

(I used this recipe for pumpkin peanut soup, if you’re interested in trying it. I don’t recommend adding kiwi, except maybe as a side dish.)