Micro Conversations: An Invitation

Every now and then, I overhear or take part in a conversation that unfolds over a matter of seconds. Just as quickly as it started, it seems, the conversation is over. But it’s an important moment, somehow. It deserves to be recorded.

Maybe it’s your kid saying the darnedest thing. Maybe it’s an older person letting a thought fly free where once she might have filtered it out. What are those tiny exchanges you’ll remember forever?

I’m a big fan of the NPR show StoryCorps, an oral history project made up of 2- to 10-minute stories and interviews broadcast weekly and archived in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. With my Micro Conversations series, I hope to capture some of the same emotional impact of StoryCorps, but in written form.

Please connect with me via the comments, my contact form, or on Twitter to share your own micro conversations. Feel free to use the ones you read here as writing prompts or as resources for your own journal, fiction, poetry, or nonfiction work. Don’t copy-paste my work or others’ work without attribution. But if a conversation inspires you, DO follow where it leads.ravens-236333_1280

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