My Wall of Books

This page shows book cover photos of the books I have edited for publication (80+ books so far).

A large chunk of my work is not represented in the photo sliders below, either because it’s back with the author for further development or because it’s not intended for public consumption (e.g., curriculum guides for instructors; documents recording an agency’s strategic planning sessions). Still, this gives you an idea of the “languages” I know best.

While I love children’s books and fiction—literary, scifi, mystery, fantasy, historical, you name it— I’ve chosen to concentrate my editing business on adult nonfiction. If you’re writing children’s literature, YA, or fiction and need a referral, let me know and I’ll consult my professional network.

Memoir, Personal History, Institutional History

Self-Help: Parenting, ADHD, Forgiveness, Anxiety, LGBTQ

Teach Yourself: Crafts for Kids, Financial Skills

Career Development: Finding Jobs, Scientific Writing, Interviewing

Education: K-12, Higher Ed, Teaching tips, Testing, Learning, Autism, Anti-Bullying

Health: Nursing, Body Image, Eating Disorders, Aging, Neuropsychology

Mental Health: Clinical Care, Psychotherapy, Professional Ethics, Research

Computing: IT, Networking, 3D Design, Engineering, Analytics